Online food ordering system

Can anyone help with finding a script for online food ordering system similar to ? I’ve already looked at but all of them seem to be far too generic and do not take into account very basic things. like measuring the distance between the store and the customer to determine the delivery cost, or even being able to measure the distance.

Or for example some have no integration with POS printers or similar. Google-print is not really a practical solution. No restaurant or takeaway would have the space to put a computer and A4 printer right next to the till. So I am after something practical (in real life. not in the minds of developers) yet as low cost as possible. But not Wordpress based as wordpress is too slow and clunky, and not so user friendly either when it comes to managing a store online.

Any suggestions?

There are numerous custom / purpose-built solutions out there (just Google it)

These will be your best option due to their robustness, relevant features, and long-term cost effectiveness

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I’ve searched online already but everything is SaaS rather than a downloadable script. And the scripts that exist are either wordpress based, slow and clunky or too basic (eg. not even measuring distance for delivery)

It strikes me that if this was easy to do then it is the kind of thing that would exist So perhaps the request Is just a lot of functionality for just a script which is probably why it are finding what you are.

The alternative would be to have it custom built -

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