One-Page WP Theme Suggestion Please

Hello fam,
I’m on a crunch to launch a website this weekend and could really use some suggestions for WP one-page themes that are tried and true, preferably from established authors. Having a hard time finding them even using filtering tools in the theme library.
Much appreciations,

It rather depends what features etc. you are after.

Many of the big multi purpose themes have ‘one page versions’ which will offer more versatility but may not be suitable if what you need is more niche or simple.

What type of site are you trying to build?

Hey charlie4282,

Thanks for asking and helping guide the process.

So this is an insurance/financial planning website. Homepage will be very action driven with options to get a quote, get an insurance review, schedule a consultation, all these preferably above the fold on the one-pager. The challenge we’re finding is that a lot of the themes have huge header sliders and users have to scroll down to get to content that matters.

We’d like the function of adding menu navs and having them jump to the same page for the associated content instead of an internal page. However, we also need the ability to create internal pages for further study/education on financial literature.

Our target group is 45-60. So while we would like a smart and modern theme with artistic flare, it need to have a service approach more so than a portfolio.

Does this help?

I’m fond of josweb one page designs but none are WP.

Hands down after thousands of purchases we would rate Tom Rhodes files up there with the very best envato has to offer.

Many of his themes have one page versions and their support is outstanding so if you have any questions you could ask them before purchase.

We’ve also been looking at this recently which seems quite robust and good for action call to action led pages.

Hope that gives you an idea!

p.s. in fairness if there’s a theme you like but put off by the big sliders you could always include the main content in those sections or remove them entirely

Thank you Charlie4282! I will certainly give these options consideration. I appreciate your time and attention.

On the p.s yes, I realize. Thanks again!

I use Brooklyn for my item demo page: Layered Popups. Moreover this theme is on Cyber Monday Sale now.

Thanks halfdata! I think we have a pick already. Will def keep your suggestion for the future. Appreciate you dropping a note.


Thanks for the suggestions Charlie4282.

The leadx looks like a good option, and I will give it a try.