one page portfolio wordpress theme (easy updates)

Hi guys,

Hope you can help me out finding a one page portfolio wordpress theme with an easy way to update the theme and the pluginns. What I mean is that I don’t want to have to delete the theme and the pluginns first before being able to update them. What I’m looking for is to push the button to update the theme and push the button to update the pluginn(s).

Hope to hear from you!


Hello, @cellovergeer

Welcome to the forums! You may want to check:

WordPress Theme & Plugin management for the Envato Market. Details are here: Envato Market plugin

The Envato Market plugin can install WordPress themes and plugins purchased from ThemeForest & CodeCanyon by connecting with the Envato Market API using a secure OAuth personal token. Once your themes & plugins are installed WordPress will periodically check for updates, so keeping your items up to date is as simple as a few clicks.


Hi @cellovergeer.

If you need a WP theme, then we can’t help you, but if you need a onepage template with a CMS built with PHP and MYSQL and having an easy install, you can have a look on our script here:

Best regards.