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So I had a track accepted and was excited for it to be on the first page, that is until some jackass uploaded 25+ sound effects and my track got pushed down to the bottom of the ocean within seconds. Can we do something about it? :smiling_imp:creating music and creating sfx is a whole different thing.

Hey. Be happy that u got accepted. :smile:

would be nice if they were separate categories. :monkey:


I thought only 1 item per account is visible on the front page. There shouldn’t be 25+ SFX items from the same author taking up all that space.


I am not talking about the front page, I am talking about the first page, with the newly uploaded items. 12 views because of him only.

Which first page? Search results?

OK, yes, that would be annoying. :slight_smile:

But the interesting thing, is that I do not see his sfx there now. What happened? LOL

Envato listened…and acted…mysteriously… :stuck_out_tongue:

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There were never SFX in the music page. Only here:

I doubt people looking for music are browsing through the “All items” page very much…


Agree, there might be just a mess between categories.

Seems like the “established” separated queue line is still running for massive sfx uploaders, it happens a few times a week - at least several non-exclusive companies upload their sfx libraries here for hundreds items at once.
So could you imagine what pain is it for low-productive individual sfx contributors. If your one unluckely approved before them, not after - it’s been thrown far to 20th pages (inside category!) after a half day, having collected only 0-5 views :scream: Nothing to do with it.