Okay to use for indie film - streaming, DVD etc?

Hi folks,
Hopefully a pretty simple question: I’m making a short film - if I register all downloaded clips/assets/music/sound effects etc to this short film project, may I then (theoretically) legally distribute it without copyright infringement on DVD, at festivals, streaming services etc…basically everything someone would ideally want to do with a film?

Hi. You need broadcast license probably, read this Envato License terms

Thank you for the reply. The license is a little unclear, sadly.
Apparently use of these things for Indie film is permitted - so far, so good…but then there’s a clause against “on demand” distribution for music etc. I can’t seem to find a definite resolution to this, and really need to before using items in a film which may end up on an “on demand” service, like, say, Troma Now.
Unfortunately no mention of DVD releases at all.
So, yes it’ll be an indie film (totally permitted), but it also may be available via these means (streaming/DVD, possibly not permitted?).
Any help most sincerely appreciated.