Official Statement About Review Time

TF - Can We Get Official Statement About Review Time in WP section ? A month for review, stop updating quality site, this all looks like the beginning of the end of this section.

They have lost :smiley:

I would say that reviewer want’s more money and stop working :slight_smile: or as they change design, maybe they change something in review process and it was very bad decision.

Why no one from China do not invest and do not create competition … there are many sites created by some small developers but any of them do not have money to promotion. Competition is always best thing.

Hi @WordicaThemes! In case you missed it, there’s an official thread here that addresses this question - might be a good thread to follow. :thumbsup:

Ok soo everything will back to normal in June :slight_smile: But until June they will have terrible huge queue of items for few months.