Obfuscate my php script installer code

I’m making a php scripts and it has a installer. I wanted to obfuscate the installer code. I couldn’t find the any instruction about this anywhere. Is it okay if I obfuscate the installer code only?

My own installer is basically a 5 MB install.php file that looks like this:

The purpose was never to obfuscate the code, but rather to bundle my entire installer into a single file for easier installation. However, it is effectively obfuscated unless you know how to reverse it.

I’ve never had any complaints from reviewers over this. I did eventually add a comment at the top of the file linking to the command line tool that generated and can reverse it, but that was of my own volition for transparency’s sake.

Anyways, if the reviewer has an issue with your obfuscation, it’s possibly because you’re a new author and they’re being cautious in which case you’ll be able to deobfuscate it and resubmit. It’s one of those “won’t hurt to try” scenarios.

Just make sure whatever’s inside that obfuscated code is respectful of the user’s privacy and their server, because someone will deobfuscate it and look inside.

Thank you very much. One more thing I wanted to ask. Is there any way to protect my script from being nulled? I see there are many scripts which haven’t been nulled. So, how can I make my script invincible too?

Also thank you very much.

No such thing as an invincible item. Either those items are small and unpopular, or their authors have removed those search results and file downloads using the DMCA – but this is a time consuming process and you’d need to do it continuously.

I personally would recommend that you avoid spending too much time and/or energy on fighting piracy. After numerous bouts with piracy since I started selling here in 2013, I’ve never gained anything significant out of it. I’ve had far more success directing that time into frequent feature updates. I’ve never seen hikes in sales during my piracy crackdowns and I’ve never seen dips in sales when it resurfaced.

Also just want to point out that there is a very strong buyer community here, full of wonderful and legitimate people who will always seek a legitimate copy for the license, updates, and support. It’s the best perk of selling here in my opinion.

Don’t waste your time on this instead focus on the actual item. By doing this, you are just challenging pirates. There will always be someone who can decrypt it in a heartbeat and start the piracy chain. If you have a good product, people will actually buy it to support you. Sometimes you can even convert pirates to actual buyers.