How to solve the problem of sites that steal your code and distribute it for free?

Hey there,

I’m a new author and I’m happy to see my sales coming and starting here… I have other products to upload that I and my team are finishing yet, but I can’t ignore that some sites are “giving” my code for free in trade of a little monthly fee or just publicity. :cry:

I tried to think how to stop this and legally I believe it is impossible, but for my new products, I thought of creating a way that in the installation process the rest of the code would be provided when the user enters the license and also on my server I could attach identifiers on the files or meta-data that identify the buyer.

I’ve seen an item that does something like this, they ask the buyer to email the license and then send the code. I didn’t want to make the buyer have to wait for my availability to send the code by email, so I thought of doing something automatic during the installation process.

I think the big question is: would this be in line with codecanyon terms? Would I be rejected during the review for this?

I know this may not solve and stop piracy, but at least the owners of sites that do this kind of thing would have a hard time hiding who they are and also just having to run the installation process can make them give up.

I’ll appreciate the help of the more experienced authors and also ideas on how to prevent this are very welcome! Thanks