Purchase code on installation


I have built an installer for my script which allows users installing the script easily. I want to know if it is allowed to ask the purchase code when user tries to install the script. I have not encrypted any code, I will just ask for a purchase code and check it through Envato API. If the purchase code is valid, the installation process will be continued, otherwise not.

I have seen many recently approved scripts in Codecanyon doing it the same way (you cannot install them without a valid purchase code). But as I am a new author and struggling to approve my first item, I want to be 100% sure it is allowed.

Another thing, if it is allowed, how will reviewer install the script while testing it in the review process? I can disable the code verification temporarily during the review time. The reviewer will just need to enter any random (but valid in format) purchase code to install the script. If I mention this in the message when I submit the script, will it be enough? I am asking this because my previous experience says reviewers do not read messages.


Few days ago, I found a script that is being shared freely in a website. I informed the author via email and they replied “thanks but no one can install the script without a purchase code”. If it’s not allowed, how did they do that? (I am not sharing the item name because I am not sure if it’s allowed)

I know, no one can fully protect the scripts from pirate, but this system will protect the script at least from those who don’t know coding well.

Yes, you can require a purchase code to use your installer. The item itself must work without a purchase code (i.e. if they install manually). Personally, I allow the user to skip that step and show them a list of all the cool updates they could be getting instead. :wink:

It depends. Keep in mind that the reviewer might not even touch your source code; they’ll review your live demo first and determine if the item has enough “quality” to move forward. At that point, they may just briefly scan the code for issues/vulnerabilities, or they may install the script manually.

If you really want to, you can give the reviewer a purchase code to use in the comments. But I’d say just make sure your documentation has manual installation steps and you should be good, unless they request otherwise.

Most pirates don’t actually test the scripts that they redistribute, so they aren’t aware that they require purchase codes to install. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you for your quick reply! :smiley:

My script works without the purchase code. But if it wasn’t so restricted, I could make the script more secure applying the verification gate throughout the script.

I must say it’s a good idea. But unfortunately my script has fewer things to offer this way.

Thank you again for your help. :slight_smile:

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