Verifying the purchase code in installation is allowed ?

please could any experienced author help me with this issue ?

i have noticed that my script has been stolen and published for free on other websites .

iam planning to publish another item and i want to know if i have added in the installation wizard a step where the buyer should enter the purchase code and i use Envato api to verify this purchase code ? is it legal ?

Its OK only if you provide a one-click update after customer activation by purchase code.
In all other cases, this will conflict with the rules of Envato and potentially the laws of some countries.

Read this thread Protecting your Theme by Activation Codes/License Keys The discussion there is still relevant even after 5 years.

thanks for your replying, but this isn’t allowed for the basic installation, am I understanding right?

In general yes. You cannot hide the functionality of your product from the buyer and you cannot oblige him to enter the purchase code.

Thanks very much for your reply.
but in this case, there is no protection at all, the script was going high in sales,
once I have noticed that the script became free on other websites the sales has stopped.


Firsty congratulations on what looks like it is a great script. Protecting your digital assets is a big concern for everyone. There is no way to guarantee your code doesn’t end up elsewhere. You should actively seek out cases and deal with them appropriately using DMCA notices. Targeting hosting companies will usually have faster results - and may sometimes result in entire websites being downed. It is an ongoing battle to protect your assets, but the whole idea is to take them down as fast as they go up - minimizing availability of your assets.

You should make it clear in your item description that buying legal copies of the script means that purchasers are protected from nulled copies which could have been very well compromised by whoever is “giving them away”.

This page may also help: