Extra verification of the theme purchase

Hello, Envato Community!

We’re planning to add extra verification of the theme purchase for more protection from unauthorized usage.
Were just wondering, have anyone realized this idea? Are there any tips, recommendations or restrictions for using such code?
We wanted to use the ionCube and wondering whether it’s allowed by the Envato rules.
Thank you for any replies.

Regards, DFD Team

The bottom line is that whatever you do you must not force buyers to do anything beyond purchasing the file to use it and definitely not track it’s use.

Some authors are implementing automatic updates etc. that are triggered by buyers submitting their purchase codes and so on which is fine because it is voluntary.

That script looks like it license elements at a secondary level form buyers purchasing the the theme? This would not be allowed.

I am 110% behind preventing people abusing licenses etc. but it has to be done correctly. Check out this post when the likely reasons behind the rules were outlined.

Hope that makes sense,

We’re not going to add tracking system to the theme code, or send queries to get any parts of the content, etc…

What we wanted to implement is to ask user to enter the Purchase code to make sure that one license is used for one end product.
And what we’d like to ask is whether it’s allowed to encode this verification code to secure it from hacking.

Thank you.

You can add it and ‘ask’ them to add their codes (like some authors have done to receive automatic updates) but you cannot force them to do it to use the theme.

If your code meant that the theme was unusable without a buyer entering their purchase code first then I am 95% sure this would not be allowed

Thank you for the information. It’s really appreciated.

I oculd be wrong so def check with envato but I can’t see a way that the script would be able to tell if the p/code is legit without some form of call back or check no matter how anonymous.

Again I am 110% behind stopping the misuse of files and welcome anyone who can think up a way to do this effectively. Good luck

We’ll let you know if we succeed in it.