Codecanyon Terms of Service

I read a few threads pertaining to scripts being sold and the terms around it. It’s clear that scripts which contain encrypted files are against the tos. I also assumed (and read) that scripts that don’t contain all the source code in the zip file and/or after installation are also against the tos. Can anyone confirm? I was not able to find the “full” terms of service for authors. Thanks in advance.

Hi @mattdue,

sold product should not be encrypted/obfuscated. Customer need access to source code in order to learn/edit/customize things. CodeCanyon does not allow encrypted code/files.


Thanks for the quick reply @mgscoder . I did know about the encrypted code, and personally would never buy a script that was encrypted in any way, shape or form… I’m on the buyers end, and more so wondering about the second part. Do you know much about that? Thank you!

To elaborate, it looks like the script is installing a secret file on the server (via curl/api) and does not work 100% unless you allow access to your server. Seems shady.

Note: This is after installation and initial license verification.

In the purchased download .zip must have to include the main item full source code. But optional things like demos, optional plugins (like slider plugins for WordPress theme) author can manage through their own server to protect their sale. because those are optional for the item and the item can run without those optional things.

include the main item full source code

Correct. It does not work 100% – main functions like saving, editing, and the like do not work due to a missing file(s). It’s a stand alone php script and does not fully work without this missing file. Looks like the only way to get this file is to give server access to the author and that’s not happening.

Please open an Envato Customer support Help ticket and report to them about it. Envato Customer support team will be happy to check it for you.


Will do, thanks for your help! On a side note, allowing things like this can cause all sorts of problems. Much like someone deactivating a license based on a bad review that I just read here in this forum. Really?! This marketplace will lose business. I know I will go custom or open source moving forward. Too much risk and headache buying a pre-made script lately. Alright, thanks again!

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If you would like to contact either myself or @mgscoder privately, then maybe we can look at the script concerned. It might very well be a specific file for a specific reason, but usually one would expect a stand-alone script (when I read this I assumed NOT a wordpress theme) to not include a “dial home to author” file. But I guess it depends on the content of the file (and the script itself), why it is doing that.

Direct Message us if we can help we will.

The other topic you referred to might not be how it looks online but who knows?

Hey @123Simples

Thanks for the reply. Based on the actions that are not working, the file is probably a combination of jquery and ajax functions, maybe some inserts to the db as well, since I can’t seem to locate those functions in any other files. It’s basic stuff and any good programmer can duplicate it, so not sure what they are trying to protect…odd to say the least. In any event, I don’t allow any scripts on the server that require call backs to other servers in order to run, just a security measure that was enacted years ago. I should mention that several have asked for the file, not only myself, unfortunately the author has not provided it. There’s another file that gets created as well by the script, but as far as the contents of that file, it’s unknown. I believe the api/curl is grabbing data from their server and inserting the code into this newly created file. Sadly he is an “elite” author, which is mind boggling based on the code and lack of support.

I knew that encrypted code was not allowed, nor should it be. However, I think the gray area is what needs to be determined by envanto, and as a buyer, I would like to know what I’m buying. Here’s a thread that discusses the gray area. I do believe this script falls into the gray area.

To clarify, when I say buying, I’m referring to purchasing a license to use.