Can I sell close source PHP scripts?

I want sell my scripts with envato purchase code validator. And I want encode purchase code validator php codes. Other codes maybe open source. Can I do it?

Sure, go ahead. It used to be against the rules but said rule vanished without a trace recently.

Keep in mind that the actual code which connects to the Envato API to verify the purchase needs to go on your own server, not inside the script. Even if you encode it, people could still potentially extract the API key.

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Are you sure about it?

No, you cannot sell encrypted code here. You will get a rejection message to remove it. Here’s quite fresh example:

-Please make sure the item doesn’t contain any encrypted code or a third party licensing system.

You can also check this one:

Hmm, interesting. I once said this wasn’t allowed and got bombarded with people saying “it’s not in the rules!” - interestingly enough, it WAS removed from the rules.

@AhmetHakan in this case I’d suggest you listen to @ki-themes, just to be safe.

(P.S. I contacted support for clarification / possibly adding an official help article on this).

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