Number Of Licenses

Is there any way that we can see number of licenses that buyer had made? It is useless if only we see which item when we click on inspection key.


Still no answer to this one and yet it is important :frowning:

Yes this is possible. See the announcement here: Total purchase count in GET /author/sale API

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Hi dtbaker.

Thanks for that, but I do not think that it solves it that much since I recently had a buyer asking me to install theme on a certain domain, I clicked on the inspection key and saw that he bought and went ahead to do it and with pure luck I remembered that I was already done this for him couple of months back and checked old domain as saw that he still uses it there and asked him to purchase another license ( which he did not of course ) but the point is shouldn’t be more convenient way for this or does the inspection key lists all purchases so if the licenses are bought it displays purchases one after another even though they are same items?


Do you mean the link that you can click from author page contact form emails? The one that says “The purchase data shown in this link will be visible for 7 days”?

Yes this does show a list of all purchases. If someone buys two copies of your item it will show two entries.

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Hi dtbacker.

Awesome, thanks for the info.