How do developers track multiple usage of their themes?

If I sold a theme on themeforest, how can I track the multiple usage of the theme under single usage licence?

and do 2 sub-domains, under the same domain, using the theme violate the single usage licence?


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ThatLeo said

If I sold a theme on themeforest, how can I track the multiple usage of the theme under single usage licence?

You can’t :slight_smile:

@designingmedia - thanks, but nothing aabout tracking the usage.

@RubenBristian - You are kidding, right? How do you go about this issue? What about the API method?
On a separate note, I so wanted to buy your Wowway theme a long time back. Great going, Ruben.

@ThatLeo, authors have so many things to care. Checking the purchase detail is possible only when buyers contact for support. Other than this, it is solely upto the buyers mercy of respecting the work and license terms.

What we can do as authors here is requesting Envato to make sure the buyers are allowed to purchase multiple licenses with ease. At least to make sure who wants to purchase multiple license through single transaction are encouraged to do so.

You could create some convoluted process yourself, but frankly there will always be a way around it. Even then, what if it fails and ends up locking a customer out of the theme they purchased? That would be unacceptable. If you end up doing an online check, what if your authentication server goes down? Again, unacceptable… Not to mention easily circumvent-able.

You need to realize, you are basically selling a set of files that are easily edited, so the only way you are going to minimize piracy is by reporting any unauthorized versions you find.

The API method is a check against the purchase key I believe, so that will only be useful for checking if a certain user truly purchased your theme when they register for your own support forums or something similar. I could be wrong on this part, as I’m not an author.

I am pretty sure (but ready to be corrected if not), that tracking the files using any tactic would be a major breach of buyers privacy.

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@VF - Hmmm. Good point. Does the same go with plugins? Not traceable?

@Jar - THANKS! I can’t create a proper theme, let alone a way to track such downloads. :slight_smile:

@AlexFord - There is some truth in that, but it’s certainly debatable.

Again, does the same go with plugins? Not traceable?