Not Recieving E-mails

Hi, I’m not recieving themeForest e-mails. I’m trying to let my designer get access to my account to install my purchased theme to Wordpress. It’s asking him for a 4 digit code that it e-mailed to me. No e-mails from ThemeForest to get the code. How do I change my e-mail address on Themeforest? How do I access this “supposed” code?


Would you be able to open a Help Ticket at the Envato Help and Support ?

They will be able to see if the emails are being sent properly or help you change your account email address.


Thanks, I’ll do that. Let me see if I could go back and delete the topic. I
had no idea how to reach customer service. This helps a lot.

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No worries about deleting the topic. It’s helpful for others who may be having the same issue :grin:

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