Lost download and email. How to recover?

My husband purchased ThemeForest via Envato. He has 2 email addresses. We have a purchase date - based on banking activity (for 2 or3 March - depending on time zone). He has lost all his emails and he cannot find the files that he has downloaded. We have tried to go to the envato site and say “remind me of my username”, but neither of his email addresses gets an email. Is there any way we can recover the theme he purchased? He hasn’t worked on it at all as the project was put on hold and want to start with the theme now, but can’t find it.

I have now created a new account on my own email address to post this topic - so this is not the account the purchase was made from.

If this is not the correct place, how can I contact support?

You can reach out to support here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Providing them with proof of purchase in some form (such as paypal transaction # or last 4 digits of card + exp date) can expedite the process.