Non Exclusive Rate Should Be 50/50

I recently went non-exclusive and started selling music elsewhere as well. It wasn’t anything against Audiojungle, it was just time to spread out. What I don’t understand is why audiojungle takes more than 50% of sales with a non-exclusive account. Taking more than 50% is a tacit admission that audiojungle deems it’s services as more valuable than the authors content. Whereas I would argue (and I’m sure many would agree with me) that neither can exist without the other.

One could argue that they are doing this because they want to encourage people to go exclusive. This argument troubles me because this tact reaps enormous rewards for audiojungle.

Without question, Audiojungle has the best platform for selling music hands down. It’s hard not to feel a little taken advantage of in this regard. As someone who has a non-exclusive agreement now, it’s reasonable to expect that if I provide the content (which is half) audiojungle provides the services to sell that music which is the other half of the equation and then we both make money.

You can argue that since audiojungle is holding all of the cards as the 800-pound gorilla, they can dictate the terms and screw you if you don’t like it. As evidenced, you could certainly make that argument.

That being said, when you get right down to it, audiojungle taking 55% just feels wrong and frankly, unfair. It suggests that unless you are going to be exclusive, you have little worth to them and basically, they are saying we will take from you in a manner that we please and while even we know it’s absurdly unfair, we are going to do it anyway because **** your feelings.

Of course, this is just my opinion. I’ve met a few of the people that run audiojungle and they are fantastic individuals. that being said, the non-exclusive rate is needlessly soul crushing and in some ways, just downright cruel.


I agree that the non exclusive fee should be 50/50, but it’s more to it than that. Buyers fees and transaction fees eat up quite some percents in real life for both exclusive and non exclusive authors, especially if you price your tracks in an old AJ fashion.

If you see how exclusive authors are treated with the Elements banner, and the silence treatment in that matter, I don’t think there is much hope that non exclusive authors will be heard in this case.

My best advice at the moment would be to price compensate loss of revenue by using author driven pricing which is a very powerful tool.


I have NEVER understand why buyers cares about exclusive or non exclusive content. What if an exclusive track they want to buy has 200 sales, and an non exclusive has 200 either?
What’s the difference for them?
The only thing I can imagine would care the buyer, is if an exclusive track has 0 sales and he wants a buy-out deal with the author.
I’m an non exclusive author for the very begging in this marketplace and never regret it as my tracks had decent amount of sales on other marketplaces.
Another reason being non exclusive is, that it is very very hard in these days to go elite and earn 70% of your sales


Oh, I don’t expect them to change anything. I just wanted to make my voice heard out there in the aether.

“If you see how exclusive authors are treated with the Elements banner” what are you referring to here?

The customer doesn’t care at all if it’s exclusive or not. Being exclusive is something that audiojungle rewards you for as they are the sole distributor of the music you are selling.

I just meant the conditions for exclusive authors are worse than for non exclusive authors, since there are a competing marketplace advertising 24/7 where most exclusive authors can’t join. Anyway, a bit off topic here and I agree with you that non exclusive conditions should be better as well.

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Back in 2014 maybe it was about exposure. If you are EX - you get more views and, possibly, sales. But i agree about 50/50. Situation on the market is abysmal right now.