Non exclusive ernings calculation

Hi I would like to ask you what are the earnings for a non-exclusive author. If I sell a logo for $ 32, do I actually get 12.5 on my balance? I am a European seller and I have completed the tax form and the royalty rate for my country is 5%. Thanks for any help!

You can information on for this here

The fee for non exclusive authors is 55%, so you would get 45% of the $32 which is $14.40, however, there’s also the buyer fee, so depending on the item there will be an additional fee put on top of the price you set for the buyer. You could set the price for $32, but the actual listing price may be $34, the percentage you make is only taken from the price you set, not the listed price from what I understand.

Hi @Nues_design

( ( Item Price - Buyer fee ) - 5% ) - Author fee = Your Earning
Check your Author fee here:

From your earning I guess you are Non-Exclusive Author
Non-Exclusive Author Fee 55%

So, if you want to earn more then make your account as Exclusive Author.


$32.00 - $5.00 = $27.00 (gross income)
$27.00 * 0.05 = $1.35 (us royalty withholding tax)
$27.00 * 0.55 = $14.84 (author fee)
$27.00 - $1.35 - $14.84 = $10.81 (net income)

$32.00 - $5.00 = $27.00 (gross income)
$27.00 * 0.05 = $1.35 (us royalty withholding tax)
$27.00 * 0.375 = $10.12 (author fee)
$27.00 - $1.35 - $10.12 = $15.53 (net income)

u mean for exclusive . right? lol i guess that non exclusive would love to get this … lol

Wow…the logos are sold to the end user at 32 and those who create the graphics remain only 12. Very demotivating :frowning:

LOL now u have a better understanding why sone are still exclusive authors lol

55% of enring it’s still a low percentage (30% it would be right), I think good designers do not sell their jobs for these percentages

No, the FEE for non exclusive is 55%, so that’s how much you lose, not what you get.

i get your point, but really? i have a friend selling flyer 8$ he ends up for every sale with 2.8 … for me this is more than this (55%) which is taken in the end …