No Sales 😔

Hello fellow authors,

I’ve been in the community for almost a year now. It’s been a struggle just to get approvals and now I’m wondering if (rather when) I’ll get my first sale.

I have heard that TAGS are very important as well as social media presence. I’ve been tagging all of my tracks and also created a Twitter.

(Btw if you’re on Twitter please follow @forest_desert and I’ll follow back :slight_smile:)

I see some tracks that sell instantly after being uploaded. I’m still building up my library but there has to be hope that at least 1 of my tracks will sell.

Any advice is appreciated!


You should make a full music track. No one buy logo today or rarely.


It’s difficult to give an answer, I’m new, I have some logos (and they sell), one of my best selling tracks was initially rejected, I think there are no magic formulas, just hard work and uploading tracks … I’m uploading tracks / Logos of different styles to see what music is sold, I have also uploaded sound effects.

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Need more logos and that at the right time, you found the right buyer, who came just for your logo. The market is huge))

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@LongXmusic It’s much easier to compose and get approval on a short logo track. I do have some complete tracks I’m working on now. Hopefully I can get them uploaded. Thanks for the advice.

@DastAudio congrats on your sales. I’ve been trying to expand my library and cover different genres as well. For your Rejected track; did you have to make dramatic changes before it was approved? I was under the impression that when you get a hard rejection, the song must sound completely different before uploading again. Thanks for your help :blush:

@MikhailGraydMusic I will definitely continue making logos and expanding my library. Hopefully I can find a sweet spot or just get lucky enough. Thanks for the advice! :blush:

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I modified the mix, the tarck had problems with the bass frequencies…

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@DastAudio that’s good to know. I wish reviewers could include some pointers for rejected tracks. I feel some of my tracks are in the ballpark but getting a rejection makes you wonder if you should scrap it altogether or just go back to the drawing board. marches on

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