No sales in 4 days

Hello… I could manage to make good sales till 1st of this month and there after it made no sales at all up to today… Is anyone experiencing the same? is something wrong with search or buyer experience?

I think it’s the post sale campaign effect that ran from the end of last month. Additionally it’s summer time and US July 4 holiday that makes sale plummet.

Thanks for the reply… that means is it vacation in US? This month is going to be bad ?

What I notice strange is that when I go to the earnings report it shows me July already. But if I select 2021 and get a list of months, July is missing. Can you see July on the list?

Hello yes I can see July and I saw in the forum this problem in another thread that some ones are not seing the July report and also the earnings…

Yeah, the Americans celebrate the founding of the United States by Abraham Lincoln in 1492. One of the biggest holidays in their calendar… it’s when he gave that famous speech about the 4th no longer being an American holiday but one the entire planet can get behind because they’re going to fight together to fend off annihilation.

The thing is it’s not only the 4th where I didn’t get sales… It’s since 1st of this month until now 0 sales per day… that’s why I’m worried this much, any one of you are experiencing a sudden drop like that ?

I have no sale this month yet and was wondering the same thing. I hope sale can recover soon but this month can be pretty bad.

We have passed July since we have started working on Graphicriver right ? But this seems to be abnormal, I wonder if buyers are facing it hard to buy items due to a technical issue or may be a sudden failure in the search algorithm so the items won’t appear google search… and for some authors they claim that they don’t even see the statistics for July… it was discussed in another thread… I think something, a some kind of a technical issue is running behind… but not incidents are reported to email (I have subscribed to those emails, they notify if something wrong is happened)

I got a sale today… Thank you all for sharing your ideas with me… How about you guys? everything back to normal?

Also, I have no sales this month yet. Hope it would be recover soon.


Yes I was worried thinking that it’s some kind of a technical issue or something as there were no sales for 4 days, but I got a sale today so it will soon be ok for you too

hi, I had 2 sales yesterday and I have had the best sales for long for the past 5 days , I guess it depends on what u are selling though … what I mean by this is that maybe there is influence as regard to 4th of July but I think that this not be the only explanation for u not to have any sale at all for several days …

how often do u submit new items? this maybe an issue …

I upload frequently… Actually, last month till 1st of this month was really great for me, actually even one of my items are in the popular list too by now… but since 1st of this month, the exposure had gone down dramatically… the item which I had 89 views on 1st of the month had 10 in the following day etc… etc… going down for four days making me no sales at all.

yeah there maybe an explanation for this, if the item was showed in some profitable place u may have had a cool exposure for the item so that this is definitely boosted …

I’m not sure if there’s more to it, but it was the 4th of July holiday in the U.S. Many people take vacation time now.

been about a week and there’s been no sales… I’m confused, should I keep uploading?

The 4th of July was always here. Yet last year it was the best month with 40 licenses sold. This month only 5 (3of which were made in one day). Seems that the second quarter will be the same. I got invitations to all those “triple your rewards”, but actually not uploading anything until things will go back to normal. I do feel that I do not need to motivate these platforms with uploads at least they should feel that low income means less new projects.