No sales for 3 days ? Any other experience the same ?

I had no sales for the last 3 days, feels like a sudden drop of sales, any other experience the same ? Any one know a reason ?

It was a weekend, and a weekend in July. Ideally you should still be getting some sales, based on your figures… but those are going to be two big contributing factors.


  1. Can you please share your website URL ?
  2. Have you done any changes in design or update payment Gate way ?



I didn’t do any changes to the payment gateways, It’s graphicriver’s default right ? Any way thanks for the reply

Yes I think so, Thank you for the reply

Thanks for your reply

  1. Can you please check your Google Analytics and check you are getting user on your website or not ?

  2. You have increased price of your products ?

  3. Can you please share current status of your website ? You are getting good sales now ?



You realise the website he’s referring to is Envato?

I got a sale in the morning, I think everything is ok, Some views were there when referred to analytics. Thank you very much for your kind concern


If you want you can go for Digital Marketing (SEO, SMO, PPC) to boost sales on your website.