Non US sales on the last 5 days

Hi all,

After I completed the W8 form my sales on USA are none in the first 5 days of this year.
How about you guys?
It’s there any coincidence or what?

Have a great year all and many sales.

Same here… My first 5 days straight without US sales. Lol

What is the problem, I dont understand?
If anyone can help us with some info about this unpleasant fact please do so.


Today is the first working day of the new year, give things a chance to pick up.


I have a friend (actually my Best Men) in United States, he works for GE it’s a big company and they start to work few hours ago. I guess we need day or two.

Envato is all about patience guys… 5 days at the beginning of the year is by no means enough time to be asking these questions.

yes u are right for sure, lots of guys think about big money quickly, but that’s just a dream … marketplaces are for most guys , more about working a looooooooot and getting pocket money in return, that’s the true reality of the very greta majority, so far away from the dreams of some guys. however , i guess some guys have been starting making beautiful colorful dreams when things have been depicted as being “wonderland” with shifting to USA, with incredibly lavish sales on a profitable market … . let’s face it , time will tell on the longer run but the concerned market was already the hugest one by far and what i see personally , just a lot of us do, this is that US sales are fewer than before this far

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this is kind of a “normal range”, personally last month i had more sales from USA than from all the other countries put together … we will see how things are developing anyway

I’m waiting the first US sale, US guys wake up :)))