No reply for uploaded content from past 7-8 days...

Hi, All,

I had submitted my content on 28/03/2018 or 29/03/2018 but didn’t got any reply yet.
It’s now 7-8 days.
How can I contact them to know about the status?
I can’t see my content in described category too. So, perhaps, it’s rejected.
So, I can upload it once again but I don’t know why it got rejected?
Please help…

Thanks & Regards,

Is it for GR? In most cases, either you got a reply on your email box ( check spam folder ) or it’s still under review

You can contact support for more information


from what i can see… it can take up to 20 days for review get done ?

20 days… :open_mouth::tired_face::tired_face: