Submitted 5 days ago and haven't heard back

I upload My Design on Evato MArket, Graphiv Rivers.
I waited for approved day for 5 Days, but they don’t say me my items is soft reject or hard reject. I think they should be tell me any information…
I’m so terrible for this problem…

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The approximate review times are here -

But don’t take those to be that precise, it could go a day or so less or more time before review.


Yes, I known this, But,now i don’t have any item review on My dashboard… What’s wrong…

You should get an email, have you checked your spam folder?

I don’t see any mail from Evato in my Spam Folder… :frowning:

Well you can either contact support, or just assume the item was rejected and keep working. If you want to get some feedback on the item you can post it here. :slight_smile:

That is Queued for Review … I want to known it is can be OK for sell…
For Detail

Check your “Hidden” tab

If it’s soft rejected you should find it there. You should’ve received an e-mail saying if it’s been approved or not.

Thanks AbnormAudio… It really help me… I like Soft Reject coz i can fix this… Thanks Again…