I need help

I need help, because the graphicriver hasn’t reviewed my items for 16 days, and my items are 100% creative and awesome. I would like to know what to do if my item is not approved.

They are not reviewed yet or they are reviewed and rejected?

You can always share your preview here if you want feedback from the community while waiting for review.

Beyond that, there’s nothing that can be done to accelerate things unfortunately


It’s average 16 days. Just be patient.


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16 days are over

It’s average/minimum.

My item was uploaded 17 days ago

It’s only a guideline - it takes as long as it takes and is impacted by many factors often beyond envato’s control

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i am waiting for good news and improved our web that means [link removed] this id
dashboard view and

Be patient.

THANK YOU, thank you for everything, sir :innocent: :grinning: :grinning: