No free downloads of the month available to me


Sorry to inform you that charges are getting added for the files mentioned free by you in the trail mail.
Can you please check and confirm the same. I have logged in and then tried to download them by adding them in the cart.

Thanks !!


You don’t need to put these in your cart

  • go to an envato home page like
  • click the free file you want to download from the section below recent files
  • on the right hand side is a big button saying “Download It For Free
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Thank you very much !! It worked like a charm :grinning:

I’m running into the same problem … but there is no download button that appears even though I am logged into my account … promotes your free items … does not let me download for free

Unfortunately it’s not May anymore in Melbourne where these are managed from.

I can’t screenshot it because we will have to wait for this month’s free files, but I am certain it says something about the offer closing at midnight AEST timezone

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