Free Files of the Month


I can’t download free files of the month. There’s still price and I don’t see the Free Download Button.

Thanks for your help.

Make sure you’re logged in, that could be the issue if you’re not.

Yes, I’m logged.

Those were the free files of the previous month. If I’m not missing something, it seems like Envato forgot to update this collection to the current free files. You can see the current free files of the month at the homepage.

Ohh… thank u so much! Now it’s fine.

i t was very usefull

So I just received an email that has a nice, big green button that says “FREE”. When I click on this button the item that it links to is the correct item, however there is no download button… it only shows the price of the file and I am logged in. Here are the two files that are supposed to be free, but aren’t:

I have the same problem

It works now.