Freebie december

Hi, the free files of December are not free to me. Why?

All freebies items are free for all envato market account holder. Why do you think those are not free for you?

If you browse the homepage/landing page at bottom you will find a section named: Grab December’s free items. You can collect those free items.

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They are not free form me too! I am logged in, adding to cart still keeps the price:

You need to go to each individual item page one by one to download it

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The same is on individual pages. It is visible on the screenshot, that I’m logged in.

Where did you get that list from, as neither of those items are in the free files section I’m seeing at the bottom of any of the marketplace homepages?

Hi, Thank you. Most of the times I use the mail which links directly to the item I´m interested in. Funny though: the items on the bottom of homepage are not mentioned in my mail (weekly freebie’.

But it works! thanks a lot!!

Thank you, it works. Don´t know why I couldn´t download yesterday. But the button `Download it for free´ is quite clear :grinning:

It has something to do with logging in and then go to desired product, or to desired product and log in afterwards. The latter is not the right way I notice.


I’ve found them here:

the links is: Free Files of the Month on ThemeForest