November free items are not free and for full price?

Hello everyone and admins, maybe someone experienced problem last month October and this Month where you cannot download Free Monthly Items, instead it gives you full price despite logged in account. Maybe admins or someone can help with a solution on this problem? Thanks

October Free item are not available cause now start 2nd November at Australia. Free item available on Australia time zone based.
You can get November Free item.

I saw that October item still there not replace with November items I’m tagging Envato team member hope they will reply to you.
@KingDog could you please help about the Free FIle. October file exist there as a free file and it is paid but its not replace with November items!!

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Market must have not refreshed yet. Here are the free files for November

Although it looks like there is an issue with CodeCanyon’s file that I’m looking it. Thanks!


Thanks for the link everything worked except for CodeCanyon, hope the team will help do something with october since it had the same problem. But big thanks for helping at least most part of November haven’t been missed :slight_smile:

Hi @dimadusk! See the post linked to below for more info - in the meantime, you can find the current free files (including CodeCanyon) here: