Unable to download January free items

When I attempt to download the free item on any of the areas – it requires me to pay for the item.
Please advise.



Now is February 1, Australia time.
Items are no longer free

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Thank you for the quick response.
You’d think that the site would be accurate and display the valid free items – regardless of the timezone (seeing as how it is February 1, Australia time — it should display February free items)

or even better – have it display according to the user’s timezone (or display that you are using Australia time) – just my two cents regarding usability.

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Envato! This is horse manure! It’s 12:30 EST in NYC and this link is still active! Of course no downloads.

That’s nonsense that your engineers can’t figure out how to run a promo based off of the local user’s time!

Absolutely pathetic. I also can’t download the Jan items because, you can’t seem to figure out how to run a website based on local time. Envato - you should be ashamed!

February File added in few hours. Keep patience hope you will able to download it soon.

Sorry, maybe I’m not making sense. I and others can’t download the Jan promos while there is still 11 hours (before 12+ when I started trying) left to go in January. I am in NYC.

That’s not right! Maybe Envato Elements has what? 100,000 customers in the US, minimum? Why would they not think this through…

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I understand your frustration, but there was whole month to download.
It remains to wait few hours to check the free items of February

It clearly states it’s based on AU time when the items are available

I’m not a lawyer nor work for envato but typically promotions like this need to have a definite end moment (hence why they declare the time zone) esp. in the case that it wouldn’t be impossible for someone to potentially side step giving away their location and therefore manipulate the terms.

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This is very disappointing to me as well, if you display the FREE items, and we are still on January here in the US, there is no reason your software developers cant fix this bug. I was trying to download as well.

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I am a programmer or at least trying to be (!!) and you can absolutely bind the ability for a download link to render on a page based on a user’s session and the local timezone.

The amount of people/users who would go through the hassle to ‘spoof’ a timezone is not realistic, especially when it’s Envato’s server that is generating the token during authentication. Spoofing is not the issue; the issue is rather that the engineer’s didn’t think that US users would be last minute shoppers!

Steve Jobs stated often about creating ‘delight’ within the user. That’s the goal here! Not to irritate your most loyal users. The last major purchase I made through the site was 2 months ago and was more than $500. Don’t irritate your brand champions… my two cents. I’m out.

I’m having the same issue. It’s still January where I am, but the free files are not working. To the person who says ‘there was a whole month to download,’ that’s exactly the issue…the month isn’t over where we are.

Hi Tiffny - got your DM – but it won’t actually let me reply to you. Go figure!.

Someone (but not Envato directly) said that it was February 1 based on Australia timezone. – but they were not directly. Lame but ok.
Not sure why they show the item if it cant be downloaded for free- an error at best… misleading at worse

Also here in Italy same problem… Items are not available but in Home Page still active as “January free”. Bug to fix.

As per Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)
time is 2 am + that means February 2022 started you keep patience you can download Feb 2022 file soon but you are not able to download January 2022 file anymore.

hope understand!

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