Free File Download Unavailable - Please adjust timezone based on users location?

It’s 7am in California, and 3pm where I am on 30th April. I just tried to download Aprils’ free file but it’s unavailable to me (even though it’s still advertised on the home page).

It seems that is because the site is using Australia’s time zone (it’s May in Australia). Would it be possible to base the timezone calculation based off the user’s location (e.g. inferred from IP)?

Thank you

Everything at Envato is based on AU timezone. I don’t think they will update/inform anything specifically.
Just curious, you had 30+ days to download the file. Why did you leave it to the last day anyway?



April 2020 file download time already expired cause it working with Australian timezone wise.
12:39am and 1st May 2020 started keep patience you will be able to download May free file.

Hope you understand.

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I don’t visit themeforest every day, that’s not my behaviour. So themeforest isn’t often on my mind, just when I’m looking for new themes.

I only noticed that there was something I wanted today in the free files. From now on I might make it a habit to check the site at the start of every month.

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