I can't download my freebies....

Hi. I have received a mail from market.news@envato.com on subject “Welcome to Envato Market: Here’s How to Get Started José”

Inside the mail there is a link to download 5 freebies, directly to page https://themeforest.net/collections/4551957-free-files-of-the-month?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Welcome%20to%20Envato%20Market%20Heres%20How%20to%20Get%20Started%20firstnamefallback&utm_content=Welcome%20to%20Envato%20Market%20Heres%20How%20to%20Get%20Started%20firstnamefallback+&utm_source=Envato%20Mailing%20List&utm_term=Download%20Free%20Files.

After login, I made click into each item, to download the items for free , but I can´t download anything. After every clic, the item appears in the cart ( with a price, obviously) to buy them , not to download them.

Any solution?

Thnak you for your prompt reply.

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I’m having the exact same issue. At least I’m not alone!

It’s probably because we’ve started a new month (in Australia). December’s free files will be up and can be downloaded from each Market site. Thanks!


Hi Kingdog,

I am having the same issue in march, whenever i go to the checkout page it asks for money.

How is this a freebie if it is asking for money?

Or am I missing something?



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Here are this month’s free files. Do not!! add to cart, simply click Download button at top right of each page.

CodeCanyon - https://codecanyon.net/item/tilebox-modern-responsive-lightbox-css/4838409
AudioJungle - https://audiojungle.net/item/corporate-motivational/15705751
ThemeForest - https://themeforest.net/item/ecobox-responsive-wordpress-theme/8160756
VideoHive - https://videohive.net/item/clean-movie-title/8526699
GraphicRiver - https://graphicriver.net/item/flyer-poster-mockup/7707121

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Thanks a lot

Hi there community … my name is John and I’m in Perth, Australia. I am having a similar issue. Recevied an email from market.news@envato.com telling me about a free PowerPoint template (“With 180+ modern & unique slides in full HD, device mockups, 5+ colors and 700+ editable icons, do 2.0 PowerPoint Template includes everything you need for a professional and powerful presentation. Hurry to collect while it’s free—one week only!”) but when I click on the link, it shows up only with an option to buy - there is no direct download link!! Am I doing something wrong??

Many thanks in anticipation of your help!!

I’m facing the same issue.

The free item this month on GraphicRiver is a flyer/poster, not a PowerPoint template. I suspect that the email you received was in error, or perhaps somehow delayed a whole month?

Hey folks! Thanks for raising this :slight_smile: I’m reaching out to the email team to find out just what’s going on!

PS- Hey @JohnPease from Perth! A big hello from Matt from Melbourne :smile:

Update: sounds like there was an error associated with the link in this email send. If you clicked the faulty link, you will have just received a second email that fixes the issue :slight_smile:

Many thanks Matt … hope the weather’s good in Melbourne and that you enjoyed the Grand Prix on the weekend!!

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I am having the EXACT same issue. smh

I got an email less than 5 minutes ago, offering freebies and when I click on the link same thing it just adds it to my cart at a price…not free


I’m currently experiencing the same issue again for the new December 2018 - 12 bonus freebies.

A message appears stating the freebies expire at 11:00pm tonight. And there is no download button or prompt apparent anywhere on the individual product pages.

I would really like to use some of this months freebies for an upcoming project. Could you please advise??.. Thank you Envato!

Are you sure it does not say 11pm AEDT - that would have passed several hours ago


I received already four or five times similar promotional emails, it’s look to me like junk mail they send to make you buy things , some kind of survey or what ever marketing stunt they have.
some ads also kind of misleading when you come to buy a products in the market place they make understand that if you join enveto elements you will get the product anyway for free.

I am still using Envato (As matter of fact I used the Envato studio a new web site that we built twice), but Unsubscribed from their news letters today, I hope i will not get anymore junk mail.

I’m having the exact same issue. Not able to download for the month of MAY 2020

It’s now June in Australia. You’ll need to wait until they update the freebies.

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