Newbie Question

Guys, happy to have joined this community and I wanted to start with a quick question…

I am an experienced photographer now working in video. I don’t have the expertise to build animated openers or logo reveals so i was looking at purchasing a few here. They look great! My only worry is that I don’t yet have the skills to work with the files.

I have recorded, edited and exported a number of videos now. I do feel comfortable with the process but animations… not so much. Is it really as easy as plugging in a .png logo file and presto they work or is there a lot more to this?

Thanks in advance!


Hi! :slight_smile: This is usually easy. Personally, I am attaching a video tutorial to my projects. Some authors include only PDF help file. In any case, if you have any difficulties, you can always ask the author of the project for help

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