New type of extended licenses and licensing terms

Hey community & staff!

I think we all can agree that times, media, advertising and monetized contents are changing at lightspeed, so I’ve been thinking that our beloved system of license tiers might need an update.

Nowadays, TV and other traditional broadcast transmitions are less popular in comparison to SM and YouTube monetized contents and online advertisement so… I thought Envato could stablish a few new extended licenses tiers contemplating the size, reproduction and subscribers of each end product. That would also have to apply to Elements, otherwise it’s basically useless.

What I thought, as a kickstart, was something like this:

  1. YouTube Monetized Content Usage: Until 100,000 reproductions expected: a Standard License covers you.
  2. YouTube Ad Usage: Until 100,000 reproductions expected an Online Advertisement License covers you (author would set a different, slightly higher pricing here).
  3. Numeral 1 above 100,000 reproduction reached: A music mass reproduction has you covered.
  4. Numeral 2 above 100,000 reproduction reached: A 10 M broadcast license has you covered.

I think this is nothing but fair. TV and Radio are not the most common platforms where companies deploy their marketing contents and we should bring that up to date to our markets.

What do you guys think! Excuse my english, hope the overall ideas were at least fairly clear.



I think that additions to the licensing tiers that addresses the changing landscape of music use is a good thing. Envato should now take note.


Excellent idea


Great suggestions, I completely agree. I just want to add that we need a working mechanism to force customers to purchase appropriate licenses. I got my Identifyy reports recently, and I found great amount of unlicensed uses by established blogers with tons of subscribers, some state organisations and even official governements channels. Ads royalties from those videos are nowhere near the cost they should have pay. I mean, for example, 7 videos from some country Health Organisation it’s not $47, right? Honestly, I don’t know how to solve this.


I really do think Envato needs to make a serious change to how the licensing is shown on item pages. I think that all licenses should be visible and not via a drop down menu. I am still frustrated that standard is a default - which to be fair is suitable for a lot of purchases however buyers need to be shown the entire licensing tier and this MUST be prominent on the item page to avoid misusage of licenses.


Agree. There shouldn’t be a default option, the customer should actively choose the appropriate license, in my opinion. The item price shown on the item page could be the lowest price, ex. “From 29$”.


Totally agree @WormwoodMusic
I’ve always thought the licencing options on AJ are really poorly thought out and implemented. It’s high time they got an upgrade. As has been mentioned, I also agree that the licence options should be built into the purchase procedure.

Here are some exemplary ways to make sure that the customer knows what they are getting and make the correct choice for their project:

- Since Envato have the rule about not mentioning competing sites by name, I’ll use abbreviations.


On the AN site, when you view your cart, you get the ‘Select a Licence’ button:

This opens a section on the page where you have to select the licence you need:

Once you’ve clicked the one you need, you can check out:

Notice the price of the digital advertising licence. Music used in digital advertising helps make companies millions of dollars in revenue. A standard web use licence should not cover this. Imagine hearing your music used in a YouTube advert for the new iPhone and realising that they paid $20 to use it!


MV also have a box that opens when you click the ‘cart’ icon on the track:

Then each licence type has further customisation options when you click them:

Once you’ve selected your options you get a summary and the cost, then you can either check out, or add to cart and carry on browsing:

MV 3

I think MV offers a very fair way to price-tier licences for YouTube creators based on how many subscribers the channel has.


MB have the license selection built into the ‘add to cart’ button. When you click the cart icon, you are presented with options. Only once you’ve selected what you need does the previously greyed-out add to cart button become active:

$349 is the price for a small business to use a track in web-only promotions and videos. This, to me, is a much fairer licencing model than we have here at AJ, where the blanket term “free or commercial. Most web uses.” is applied to the cheapest licence.

Here are the other ‘Web-only’ price tiers on MB:

These are fair prices IMO.

Let me just address the ‘elephant in the checkbox’ here though… MB are offering their subscription as an alternative at this point. I DEFINITELY DO NOT THINK that Envato should do this, since it would be totally unfair to the 99% of AJ authors who are not on Elements, and the chances are, the item being added to the cart isn’t available on Elements anyway.

On a side note though, look at those subscription tier prices! If subscription stock music has to exist, this is the form it should take in my opinion. Well-thought-out pricing tiers for different end-user cases. Envato, please take note.

Broadcast Licences

Everything that I’ve mentioned so far has been about how I think various web-only usage scenarios should be licenced separately. But what about Broadcast use? In my opinion, the tier terminology used in the current broadcast licences is needlessly confusing. Using “audience size: potential reach” is a pointlessly specific and uncommon metric to use to define what licence you need to buy. I don’t think many customers understand what this term really means.

I think this can be simplified into two categories:

  • TV Shows - All broadcasted TV programmes, documentaries and films
  • TV Commercials - All broadcasted television commercials

Both of these should be priced at the top tier, with TV Commercials being at the very top.

Sorry for the long post, but this is a topic I feel strongly about and something I think that should be high up on the list of things to do to bring AJ back up to date and stay competitive in the industry.

I hope the pretty pictures make it less of a beast to get through!


It’s worth drawing attention to this thread, posted 3 years ago by @PurpleFog as well. There are some more great suggestions there. @BenLeong Now that there’s a new CEO, would it be worth reaching out to the relevant departments to see if they can communicate some of their thoughts about the ideas in these threads to us? It really would be nice to get Envato’s take on this.


Absolutely fair! Very reasonable!


Great ideas here. Support.


I guess not! :laughing: :exploding_head: