Broadcast Corporation buying a standard license?


In the last 24 hours a Broadcasting Corporation bought my Top Seller with just a standard license. As well as a TV and Radio station, they also have social media and apps on their website and so they could be using my track there somewhere or in-house. In a situation like this though, is it all down to honesty and trust, or do we have any way in making sure that they have bought the correct license (other than watching every single programme that they broadcast in the next few weeks? :slight_smile: )



Maybe it’s time to display the price of the broadcast license first at $308?..and then the youtube license last $19…This may let the buyer know what they are getting. All buyers here see $19, $19, $19, $19, $15, $12, $19, $1 … This definitely has a psychological effect on the way the music and audio is valued by clients. Perhaps a happy middle ground would be the $76 Music Mass reproduction license being visibly published…the operative word being “visible.” This may nudge folks into buying more expensive licenses and therefore creating even more revenue for Envato.


Excellent idea SteelSound. With the higher price displayed, it might attract the bigger companies and also, as authors, we feel that our music is being properly valued. :slight_smile:

Then on the other hand, it might scare some potential customers off. :confused:

Swings and Roundabouts.


I had the same situation earlier where a big, national broadcaster bought a standard license. I simply uploaded the track to TuneSat to keep an eye it. I you haven’t already, you can upload and track 50 tracks I think, for free. It hasn’t showed up there yet so I guess they have just used the track in house or on the web.


Interesting idea, it really may work :blush:


The license choosing process is very bad, not transparent at all at the moment. Adding an item to the cart gives you the Standard License by default (most buyers will just click without paying attention to the selection) and inside the cart the choice is even less visible! Not only the buyer should be curious enough to click on ‘Music Standard License’ with a little “settings” icon, the popup window does not give any clarification about the license differences at all, only their names and the scarily rising price.

This really needs attention from Envato. I don’t think it’s a good idea to show the expensive price (many will be scared away immediately, especially those who know little about licensing yet). It should instead say something like “starting from 19$ (depending on usage type)”. Upon “adding to the cart” the buyer should be presented with an attractive quick tick one or more points selection “I will use this item for…” (web video, mobile app or game, TV/radio… audience less than 1 million / more… and so on) and the license gets selected based on those quick answers. Then the buyer can make sure he/she made the right by optionally instantly seeing the visual comparison chart (this most useful pic is now so well hidden!). With modern web responsive menus this process can be super-fast and good-looking.


I’ve also had a couple of those sales. Suspicious.

+1 for SteelSound’s idea.


Why don’t you upload your composition to TuneSat and see for yourself if it shows up on air in a few weeks?

Also, SteelSound, I understand your concern, but I think it would be better to display all prices in a checkbox list, rather than hiding them in a dropdown menu. This way you make sure your buyers won’t miss anything important.


@WorldBeyond I agree with you, good idea :smile:

  1. Customer clicks Add to Cart button
  2. THEN appears pop-up window which will ask the customer how he intends to use the music (broadcast, standard, etc)
  3. Customer select appropriate license and system add that license to the cart.


Great idea! Then also make sure they have your PRO info on file, as someone stated in the other discussion on PRO’s.


Yes, the track has been with Tunesat for a while already. I don’t think they do European based Channels though, only American ones. I might be wrong though.


TuneSat pick up music broadcasted on european channels, thats my experience anyway :smile:


Sure, it will benefit everyone if people buy the proper license, but if your idea is implemented it will be devestating for business.
AJ’s appeal is the cheap 19$ license and that’s what always should always be in the store’s front, that’s just how marketing works.
But a change could be a good idea here, I think a more spreaded out visual presentation of licenses could be usuful, something like what they have at Photodune.


Great idea @DoubleLion
I never bought a license on Envato. Did the buyers get a separate license with the invoice with the name of the project and information about how they can use the track on a one final project and no broadcast use?


Excellent idea!


All that is required…Bingo


I agree

YES please!


Thanks for the TuneSat info, I think it’s valuable for every composer!