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I need help to determine what theme I need for a site I want to build very soon can anyone advise me on what I should look for.

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Depending on your website niche(category) there are plenty of themes on ThemeForest. Please let us know more details so we can understand and give you correct advices.

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I am a media specialist providing photography, video, 3D scanning to realtors I want to provide a site where they can order several packages or select individual services as needed. The experience should be extremely easy. As they order they should see there order pricing update immediately. I will also need to have a payment point for the clients. I will also need to have a delivery system in place for my clients to create their own profile allowing them to display their content and download their content as well. This page should give them the ability to link it to any site they would use for marketing purposes such as zillow, ect. There are other thing I would need but that’s a start.

I think that the first step for this project is to select the right theme/right design for your needs. I suggest to search for WooCommerce Themes. All of them comes with client MyAccount page where your customers can manage their accounts, download things after making orders, set their shipping addresses and many othet features.

I think that you will not find a theme 100℅ as you project description says but there are multiple approaches on the market. Take in consideration hiring a developer to complete your site after purchasing a theme.

These are my suggestions at this moment.

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How do I go about finding a developer to work with, I think it would be wise to work with this person right from the beginning with the selection of the template.

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