New standards needed for review process!

The biggest problem on Themeforest is that there is no standard for theme upload. Lately standards are gone completly, authors spend months working on WordPress theme and then theme is rejected because of
design although HTML or PSD version were approved.

This is not acceptable. This is a serious business for most of authors, not learning voluntary school of WordPress and authors don’t want to lose time on something that is not guaranteed.

My proposal for reviewers is to add standards in their review process. For example if HTML or PSD is approved
then template can be marked like this - this template design is ready or is not ready for WordPress category-.
If it is not ready then author can work on design in current category (HTML or PSD) until it is improved and ready
for WordPress and after that developer doing his job of preparing design for WP with reviewer’s
GUARANTY that it is going to be approved. Guaranty can be valid for, let’s say, 2 months from date
when PSD or HTML is approved.

Isn’t this nice and clean way to make more standard in review process and to respect author’s time?

There is lot of other details that can be developed, this is just general proposal.


I’m completely agree with you.

That way HTML and PSD designs will be continually improved in terms of design because they will be starting point for future WP design. That should be something Themeforest would benefit from. And no more losing developer’s time for nothing.

Totally agree. Got 2 WPs based on my own HTMLs in the review queue at the moment and really have no idea how the review will go due to the trouble iv had with my own recent conversions.

Iv even had to abandon one as they kept saying the design was not enough for wp.

Nothing worse than wasted time.

I totally agree and don’t understand what to do.

I have got 3 soft rejection and reviewer asked to improve the design even after the PSD and HTML is approved.

Don’'t know what to do?

Spent 2 years on theme features, made it versatile and more features like Avada has, almost now 3 months and being soft rejected because of design, although some bullshit themes are approved.

I agree ,. its really annoying to spend months developing something, wait 10/12 days on queue, and then the reviewer " doesn’t have the time " to write a line or two of why he rejected it. Come on… really?

Yes, I am facing the same problem.