Design review of HTML and WordPress item

Before you submit an HTML or WordPress item, do you send the design for review first then when accepted that’s the only time you will develop it into HTML or WordPress? I was thinking that it might be better and less time consuming if I develop straightaway without sending a PSD for review. This idea just occurs to me while I’m waiting for my PSD to get reviewed. Any thoughts about this? Thanks very much!

You don’t have to get the PSD approved before coding it.

PSD approval does not guarantee approval of the coded version.

I mean, aren’t they going to review the design too of the submitted HTML or WordPress item?

They will but it makes no difference if you submit it separately or just go straight to code (no need to include a PSD unless you want to).

While it’s a good sign to have the design PSD approved first, there is still no guarantee that it will mean the HTML or WP version is immediately approved so unless you have a particular reason you may as well go straight to code

Yes, I understand that it’s not guaranteed that the HTML or WP is approved immediately but from what I see here there’s a lot of rejection in WPand html when it comes to their designs. Would it be wiser if I sent a PSD first then when it gets approved build it into html or WP?

Totally your choice - to me it seems like an unnecessary delay, either the design is good or enough or it isn’t and what happens if the PSD is rejected - you could spend ages just trying to get that bit sorted out.

Thanks! my thoughts are cleared now.