New Genre- Need Feedback

Hey guys,

After watching a few nature documentaries, I was inspired to delve into the world of ambient music. This is a my first try, and it’s just a work in progress but I’d like to know what you guys think. Could you see this in say a documentary about ocean life?

Also any mixing tips would be appreciated.

Thanks guys!

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To be honest I really like it !!!
The only I replaced the drums , but although it sounds good !!! Cool sound !!!

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I think the drums are a problem area, and I’m not sure about the lead guitar either - the lead guitar is not popular these days, it sounds more like Pink Floyd when you add the guitar.

The kick drum sounds piercing and irritating, I don’t like where it is sitting. Sounds like it’s just a burst of transient at around 200hz but nothing below.

Yeah maybe I’ll try using a deeper, softer kick. Thanks.

I prefer to create ambient track with more dynamic. If track has slow motion I add some fast percussion (not loud) or synth arrpeggiatos with fast movement.

Unusual and interesting track. I like the idea and the atmosphere. Beautiful. :+1: But need to work with kick drum.

Thanks guys! Great feedback, I’ll work on it more.

By fast percussion, do you mean like hihats and little snares?

I use shakers, hat, ride.

Cool thanks.

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:

Kick is too tiny, make it with some deeper body, and some less click :slight_smile:
I agree with previous comments

Yeah, I made the kick small on purpose just to add a little beat. But you guys are right, and after listening to it on different speakers I am now sick of it as well haha. I will work on percussion more.

Thanks for the input!

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Updated version, what do you guys think?