Ambient technology track rejected 😥

What is wrong with this track? (this is preview file, 4 versions inside)


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That’s a great composition work, but I think there is some “”“mix issue”". It doesn’t sound like a mix issue, but more like too much artistic mix choice . Your drums and percussion are really too far in your mix, maybe your sub bass is a little bit too loud, and your piano miss a little bit of warmth, maybe boost a little around 200 Hz.

Your melodic and harmonic choice are really great, but I think you can go little bit “deeper” in your mix. Because it’s a great track. As it is it’s give me a “frustrated” feeling, cause I can enjoy it a lot but I can’t manage to hear all that you want to give as feelings or atmosphere.

SO to conclude, there nothing wrong to my ear, great composition, great idea, great mix in a certain way. But not enough commercial value for Aj, and some elements are too far :slight_smile: Of courses I’m not an expert and I have already listen to your work, and it’s better than mine in so many point but I hope this help :slight_smile: !!

(+ don’t forget about the strictfull review process so maybe you were not lucky for this track ! )

Don’t loose faith mate !!


Maybe somebody else would say something? :thinking:

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Definetly mixing issues.

Low end is a mess. Kick is lost in the mix. Too much low end in general.

Piano is not as upfront and clear as it should be.

The synth volume is too much in some places.

Mix is muddy in general.
You should do a more balanced and defined mix.

Good Luck.


@MagicMood9 @Osynthw I agree with your opinions, I had to rest a while, subbass is too loud and mid is too muddy, I understand

Thank you :blush:

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Thanks for all the details. Very helpful. Real quick, to help out everyone.

You completed a number of nice points there. I did a search on the issue and found nearly all people will have the same opinion with your blog.