New Elements Author payment system - rollout paused (see update)

Hi, thanks for reply. Are you sure to put routing address?

Well in my case I did that so we’ll see next month :slight_smile:

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Where in the Payoneer to see the address of the bank.
Also Routing Number and Account Number?

Where can I get these addresses

  • Routing Number
  • Account Number

But the problem is that once I fill in my UK address under General Information tab and go to the second page, the only option under “Bank account currency” is GBP or EUR. There is no option to transfer money in USD.

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I won’t answer your question now - I am waiting for some Support answers first. Stay tuned.

hum… due to this and you still charge me while I cancelled subscription since Aug/22?

Payoneer’s wallet > Get Paid > Receiving Accounts > USA

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Why nine dollars?

The same payout method setup is valid for Envato Market (Videohive) and Envato Elements, right?

No, this change only affects elements.

So market Videohive payout method stays the way it is, no change

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@BenLeong What’s the final word on setting General Information address details. Do we use Payoneer’s address details or personal address?

Yes, that’s accurate, at least for now.

I think selecting Bangladesh as bank account country means you’ll be receiving transfers through SWIFT.

It was mentioned somewhere that If you’d prefer a USD option for your country, you could reach out to the help desk to have it added.
If you’re trying to access “Bank Account Country” option on the Payout method page, i believe it’ll show after removing the older payout method entry you made before.

scarier words were never uttered.


@BenLeong I’ve set the Payoneer payout address “United States of America” and “1731 N Elm St Commerce, GA 30529 USA (First Century Bank NA)”, following the guide steps

I did that before, but yesterday the guide was changed to infer different steps.
Before: it was selecting “United States” from the start and filling Payoneer’s address.
After: it was filling the general information then selecting “United States” on the next page.

Here’s to hoping our next payout doesn’t land on Neptune. :clinking_glasses:

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Huge problem with new system it SEEMS it did not support payout for Russian authors at all, though previous system allows it (of course with some restriction - payouts to russian financial institutions was not allowed). @BenLeong could you clarify situation

So, should I delete the payout method I’ve set on Monday and enter a new one?

I’m reaching for answers same as you. I think we should get more information and act accordingly.

Ok. Let’s wait for answers.

Hello @BenLeong. I have two questions. I am receiving money through Payoneer.

  1. What should I enter in “General Information”, namely in the “Country” field? Because if I specify country Ukraine, I get a $25 transfer fee when I fill in the American bank Payoneer fields.
  2. Do these changes only apply to Elements or to the main market too?

Thank you.