New author with bad and good sales

How is it that a person who started selling his product in one day and that I get a better top rating than me? and you sold for 90% less

Hello! I do not quite understand what you mean. If you have a suspicion of fraud, violation, dark scheme by any author, please contact Envato support . They will investigate your investigation!
Good luck!


Hello! There are no suspicions whatsoever. I ask that two authors started selling their goods at the same time, one has good sales and the second one has 0

Well, there is nothing usually in it. There are many factors that influence one author in one direction, another author in another. Much depends on customers (genre, music, track length, version, license, price and quality as well as track visibility by tags and name.) Every buyer comes here for a specific track, what he is looking for. There is nothing surprising. This is normal. If the buyer came for the track of one of the two authors and bought the track from the first author, then this track ideally suited the buyer for his video project. On the contrary: another buyer at another time will come to buy the track of the second author, because the track of the second author approached him more and more successfully than the track of the first author. This is a common coincidence of a successful situation, both for the first author and for the second author.


Thanks for the answer. Look at my work. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

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I listened to your entire portfolio. I would dwell on something one (sound effects, logo or music). I got the impression that I had seen your avatar somewhere before and most likely you are not a new author. :slight_smile:

I’m just a new author. That’s why I asked questions about sales, why it happens. For me, everything is new

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With your tracks, everything is fine (which you have 2). Logos and SFX I can not appreciate (because I do not work in these sub-paragraphs). Work, strive, act!
Good luck! :wink:

I can not figure it out with this

What exactly? Statistics? It does not always display correctly. I had 100% “bounce rate” on one track and buyers bought it 5 times in 3 days.

Thank you for the answers and good conversation

I’m still wondering about trusting invato. how it works?

Just write the tracks, upload them and sell! Envato is a marketplace where you can to realize your creativity into money.

How it works?

Well, i think it works like a marriage.

It’s based on trust. :slight_smile:


Perhaps there will be (your tracks) in some films, because Envato has a lot of clients including large campaigns. If you didn’t trust Envato you wouldn’t come here! :wink:

Diamond! :sweat_smile:


I do not sell music, I sell sounds. Your sounds will not find a buyer, because:

  1. They are not properly named.
  2. They are of poor quality (you need mastering of sounds so that they sound bright).

Probably you have better music. already have 1 sale.

Hoping to sell something at the expense of low prices is a mistake. Here they buy companies and people with very high budgets.

Flag …, I would hide …:wink:


Buyers never care of our badges.