Need your kind help in feedback please

I have completed new design called "TAK Model Agency " - can any one please let us know, is it ready for or not ?

Please help me, by providing your feedback.

Many Thanks

why no one is helping me ???

Probably because no one wants to disappoint you, but the quality isn’t near the standard of themeforest. You should work on your design skills.

I wish you luck in the future.

thank you Torchgfx . if possible can tell point where i can work :slight_smile:
it really help

thank you again

You need to improve your typography, layout doesn’t seem appealing, navigation is bland, while it’s not a must, it should have more content as it’s supposed to be a template, footer should differentiate of normal content, buttons should look inviting and better.
Hope this helps, I recommend looking at a lot of web designs as on dribbble, behance and similar sites to get a better understanding of how a layout should look like, color matching and typography.

Best wishes. :slight_smile:

thank you Torchgfx its really help me:)