Need Your Feedbacks.

Hi everyone! I submitted my template in PSD category. While I’m waiting for reviewer’s letter, I would like to know your opinion, what do you think, has it any chance to go through? I would love to hear from you guys and girls any constructive criticism. But I’m also know, that many of you are very busy, so you can simply to comment by gestures: :+1: OR :-1: Like in Spartacus movie, you know :slightly_smiling:

/* CLOSED. TEMPLATE WAS APPROVED on the first try */



I see no problem, I think that it has a chance of getting through. It can also not be accepted because there may be similar ones(didn’t check), but if I was the reviewer, I would accept it. Just one thing that bugs me - the ‘x’ that you used in the active menu, titles, stats. Other than that I like it, so the Roman style :+1: you should watch the Spartacus tv show ^^

Thanks for your detailed review @CazyLabs!

Maybe you right, but I hope it will not bugs reviewer’s eyes, because it is one of the key parts, which, as it seems to me organically fits into the concept of my template. But once again, thx for your candor and honesty

P.S. [quote=“CazyLabs, post:2, topic:33599”]
you should watch the Spartacus tv show
Yep, I’ve seen this TV Show and that’s what I meant, but it’s all about my poor English language :slightly_smiling:


The ‘x’ is not really a problem. I just see it like a close icon. Should be alright :slightly_smiling:

Yep, I’ve seen this TV Show and that’s what I meant, but it’s all about my poor English language

Great tv show btw, your English is fine.


Looks good, does not mean it will be accepted.

The part of (Slider) seems incomplete, requires refinement. You may even get to be basic.

Has a chance of being accepted, the drawback is the lack of uniqueness that can lead to rejection.

Good luck with your submission


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Beautiful, elegant well made. I do not care for the x’s . Good luck!

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Thanks @TexTheme! Your comments contain useful details, as always (read a lot of your comments in others topics). Anyway, I’ll work more on it and try to do my best.

"NOW Thread can be closed*

We were afraid of Hard Rejection, hoped for Soft and eventually our first PSD template approved by Envato Market on the first try! Thx for all to everyone :slight_smile:

Just this page? Im think will be rejected, but actually i really like :P, nice work and good luck.