Need your feedback on resume wordpress theme before submission


We have created a Resume WordPress theme, and need feedback of all.

Here is the demo link

Suggestions would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:


Hello @WPSwings,
I have some opinions about your theme.

  1. Your gray text color is quite difficult to see in Dark theme. Especially in Portfolio page.

  2. In portfolio details, for example:
    “Demo Link” need to placed in a tag to click easier to another website.

  3. In mobile version, your font size on top of page is too large.

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Thank you for your suggestions, If you have any more points then please share. It would be really helpful for us.


you need to work more in quality of design

  1. when you go up to the image the background it s more big


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Thank you for your valuable feedback.

This is clean and professional.

Well done…!!!

I personally liked it.

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Thank you for your appreciation :slight_smile:

This is quite good and you are using quite an insolent color scheme. Minimalism is sexy but don’t fall in the traps.

  • Beside all that has already been said, Iam not sure to like the direction for the typography. Too big at some places and too small in others. I think that for such a creative layout, you really need an excellent font pairing, and Iam afraid we’re not there yet. Try different creative typefaces and mix styles (bold, italic, uppercase, lowercase, small, big).

  • The template relies a lot on images, which will not be included (I guess) in the final product. Layout issues will just be more obvious. Try to work on details (polished buttons, perfect paddings, transitions, subtle gradients, adding custom elements and micro interactions etc…).

Overall this is good. But It could be even more. Would be curious to know the submission result. Regards friend !

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Thank you for your precious suggestions, we have included all your suggestions and also improving it. If you have any more points then please share with us.