Need Wordrpess Developer Partnership ( 70% For you ) Upload your Accounts


I’m looking for developers to code my approved PSDs and HTMLs to WordPress.

Here is my portfolio:

We would split earnings for WP 30/70 (70 for you) and we can upload the items on your profile.

Please contact me via my Envato profile page if you are interested.



With respect 40/60 is ambitious on files with decent sales. You have very limited sales and I assume that the developer is going to also have to update and support the item?

With that in mind to have a chance of partnering with the kind of developer that you would want to work with then you may need to re-evaluate your split.

@charlie4282 Thanks for reply .
I need expert Developer who had a Recent approved theme .yes developer have to update and support the item. do you think the percentage is low for me? or developers?


I think it is very low for the developer.

Your work is effectively done - they have continue to work in supporting the item plus they have to initially overcome the hard job of having the item approved (PSD approval does not guarantee approval in WP).

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@charlie4282 Thanks for your prompt Reply.
What about 70/30. I guess its okay.

Waiting for your reply.

I am not a WP dev - just trying to help add clarity to get the right deal.

I think 30 for you 70 for dev is ok but it’s as far as I would take it.

Your files are not bad but still not huge sales so you have to find a balance that works for both parties

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@charlie4282 Thanks a lot.pray for me to find out a good partner.

Anyone Interested?

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