Need to understand what causing rejections

Hello, please I need to understand what causes the rejections with a reason “isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”

Followed all the directions and guides, Is there anything I am missing with respect to the presentation, vector files or anything?

Check the latest approved items and see how the authors approaching to the details, most of them either too minimal designs or has good shade and 3d effects.

As this is not a bad logo design, it’s just out-dated.

Thank you for the feedback.

Let me do the modification accordingly, I will update the status here.

I have Improved it according to the latest approved Logos, but still rejected, Any more clues? At least there should be a specific reason for rejection.

The process of review without any specific reason is like a black hole, reason can be any. :slight_smile: Actually. Logo is just a symbolic representation. There shouldn’t be any trends that can define/limit a logo design.

The anatomy of the bird is off. I can see you bring some elements together without coherence. Also, the style is outdated.

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