Need some help with my audio track:)


Hello, everyone!
This is my first uploaded track and… first reject). Help!. What’s wrong with it? Need your advice.
Thanks for your opinion.:innocent:


I think miss of melodies could be a reason of reject. Try to add some additional themes at parts that you repeating. Good luck!


Thank you!


I think, there is an error harmonic structure? in track 1:44 sec… There are too many recurring motifs in yours composion… monotonous trend is not good

also ( between 1:32-1:46) this theme would be more appropriate for beginning track…

so that the composition could have been better…

this is my musical vision… best regards

What reason was rejected?


They said "…we’ve determined that ‘Energy’ isn’t at the quality standard needed…"
1:44 sec - isn’t a mistake… as for me )
“too many recurring motifs” - Yap. I think you are right.
Thank you for advice!