Need Some Help Please!!!!

I uploaded this item recently but got hard rejection, I dont know what should I change, please give me any advice to improve this item thanks

I quite like the front page, but the inner pages don’t look professional enough. The other problem is that you’ve made each page quite different in style, there’s no consistency. If you want to offer different styles it would be better for each one to be a separate book - this one doesn’t look like one coherent design.

Thank you so much for your feedback… Now I know what should I change from this item…
Btw, the marble background is not mine, but its free to use even for commercial use… do you think its okay for me to use it?

If it’s free for commercial use, it should be fine to use it.

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Okay… thank you ^^

Seems like you put alot of work into this one but it seems a bit inconsistent from page to page. I think keeping some uniformity throughout should help. Good luck and keep designing. :0

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